Global Healthcare Initiatives

Victor Duval, M.D. and Edna Ma, M.D. attend the 33rd annual Eye, Dental, Medical and Surgical Camp in Bidada, Kutch, India

Victor Duval, M.D. and Edna Ma, M.D. (third year resident) joined a team of 500 medical experts in 25 specialties from India and abroad, including the United States, to volunteer their expertise in the 33rd annual Eye, Dental, Medical and Surgical Camp which takes place for over 20 days each January in Bidada, Kutch, India. Doctors typically see over 30,000 patients during this amazing medical camp which is sponsored by Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust ( This year over 2,000 patients underwent operations. Drs. Duval and Ma participated in this event during the first two weeks of January 2007, working primarily on approximately 23 strabismus cases performed by Dr. Ashish M. Mehta, M.D., pediatric ophthalmologist at Kaiser in Orange County. They report that in India, people with Strabismus are often discriminated against. There is a suspicion that these individuals are of lower intelligence and their future prospects are, therefore, poor. Being part of a team that allowed patients to have the strabismus repaired, thus not only improving the patient’s vision, but also being instrumental in altering their life course, proved to be very rewarding for Victor and Edna. They state that, “every physician should consider mission work sometime during their career. The experience was enlightening and introspection is inevitable.” Both doctors are planning on participating in further volunteer medical missions.

Photos from the trip