Resident Life

At UCLA, we recognize that your life as a resident is comprised of more than just the time you spend in the hospital. It is important to maintain a good balance between work, family and personal time. Our residents enjoy spending time outdoors; hiking, surfing, scuba diving, running, biking and beach volleyball are just some the activities our residents commonly pursue. Our residents and faculty also enjoy traveling both within the United States and abroad.

Many of our residents have their own families, and a significant proportion of these residents take advantage of UCLA’s Married Student Housing. This is a conveniently located, comfortable and very affordable housing option for residents with children. In addition, the West LA, Santa Monica and Brentwood areas, located near UCLA, provide ample housing opportunities.

It is also important to your training to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At UCLA, we foster this by providing adequate time for outside activities and interests as well as by providing an excellent health care system for our residents and their families. Health insurance is fully funded with little to no deductibles for health care received at UCLA.