Sub-internship in Anesthesiology

Rotation Objectives

Discussions and Procedures

Each sub-intern is expected to address each of the following topics in discussions with their assigned residents and/or attendings:

  1. Development of an individualized anesthetic plan
  2. Options and alternatives for airway management
  3. Assessment of hypoxemia, hypercarbia, and acid-base status
  4. How to choose induction and maintenance agents (both intravenous and inhalational)
  5. Regional anesthesia selection (i.e., spinal versus epidural, peripheral nerve blocks, etc.)
  6. Vital sign abnormalities
  7. ACLS basics
  8. Pain management

Additionally, each sub-intern is expected to participate in the following activities:

  1. Placement of routine monitors
  2. Pre-oxygenation and mask ventilation
  3. Oral airway and LMA insertion
  4. Direct laryngoscopy and intubation
  5. Establishment of intravenous access
  6. Arterial and central venous line insertion
  7. Fiberoptic intubation
  8. Spinal and/or epidural anesthetics

More About the Sub-Internship Rotation

Rotation Description
Rotation Reading Assignments