Research Projects

Dr. Linda Cai, MD. PhD; Professor

Oxidative Stress Mechanisms Of Cardiovascular Disease

DR. Mansoureh Eghbali, PhD. Assistant Professor

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Progression of Cardiac Diseases and Cardioprotection

Dr. Aman Mahajan, MD, PhD., Professor, Vice Chair

Neural Input and Remodeling in Cardiac Arrhythmia

Dr. Riccardo Olcese, PhD; Professor

The Role of Ion Channels in the Control and Regulation of Cell Excitability in Health and Diseases

Dr. Enrico Stefani, MD, PhD; Professor & Director From Inception to 2011

Development of optical devices including super-resolution microscopy to unravel the nano-anatomy of cardiovascular disease and to be applied to diagnostic procedures

Dr. Ligia Toro, PhD; Professor

Cardiovascular Disease and Ion Channel and Receptor Regulation/Interactions

Dr. Thomas M. Vondriska, PhD; Associate Professor

Systems Biology Of Chromatin Structure In Cardiovascular Disease

Dr Yibin Wang, PhD; Professor, Vice Chair

Signaling Regulation in Heart and Metabolic Diseases.