Stefani Lab

I have a long standing interest to unravel molecular mechanisms of disease and to develop novel technologies for this purpose. My current research is based in strong basic research that has and most likely will generate several biomedical applications. The main goals are: 1. Development of optical devices including super-resolution microscopy to be applied to basic research and medicine, i.e. i) pathology diagnostic procedures and ii) non-invasive optical tools for clinical applications. 2. Investigate and visualize changes of macromolecular complexes in the cardiovascular system in health and under stress conditions.

We have constructed a state of the art Stimulation Emission Depletion (STED) Super Resolution Microscope for fluorescence imaging allowing the measurement of cellular protein clusters with a spatial resolution of 20-40 nm while maintaining the microscopic scale over a 20-100 µm range ( These combined programs will define the identity and sub-cellular remodeling of macromolecular complexes in cardiovascular disease and the molecular mechanisms of cardio-protection with the goal to develop novel therapeutic strategies.