Wang Lab

Dr. Wang's laboratory mainly focuses on understanding the intracellular signaling networks involved in stress-response in mammalian cells, and translating that knowledge into potential therapies. Our research projects are centered on three related areas of investigations: 1). Discovering novel molecular components in stress related signal transduction networks, from protein kinases to novel phosphatases, from RNA splicing regulators to non-coding RNA species; 2). Establishing functional and molecular links among signaling pathways using cutting edge genomic, proteomic and systems genetic approaches; 3). Translating mechanistic insights into novel therapies in disease models of heart failure. The laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure in a newly renovated research laboratory space and supported by outstanding UCLA Core facilities. As a member of the world-renowned UCLA Cardiovascular Research Laboratories (CVRL,, UCLA Molecular Biology Institute (, and UCLA Nano-Science Center (, we offer great opportunities to conduct multi-disciplinary research in collaboration with leaders in the field of cardiovascular physiology, molecular genetics, proteomics, genomics and systems biology.
Our research program also offers comprehensive training for pre- and post-doctoral fellows interested in genomics, proteomics, molecular signaling, cell biology and pathophysiology. Our laboratory has an outstanding track record of academic training, and majority of our pre-doc and post-doc fellows were awarded extramural fellowships from American Heart Association, NIH and other funding agencies through competitive review process. If you are a highly motivated individual with desire to succeed, to learn and to make a major impact on science and human health, please join our team! Together, we can make a difference!